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Training a Puppy

We find your dog’s trigger(s) for unwanted behaviors, identify the training method your dog responds to the best, and help you achieve all of your goals all while having fun while we do it! 

Vizsla Dogs

If you lead a busy life, lack the time or patience to train your dog, have a dog with aggressive behaviors, and/or you have a good dog and you want a great dog then the Board and Train program is the perfect option for you!

Dog Walker at the Park

Get your puppy on the right track by starting early with socialization and basic manners or master your Off Leash control in our higher level classes!

At In Command Dog Training we use the various components of Operant Conditioning & Positive Reinforcement to achieve the desired behaviors in a quick, safe, and fun manner.

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Ian has far surpassed my expectations with his familiarity and awareness of expertise in animals’ needs and behaviors.



Ian truly was instrumental in Meggie’s transformation from a diamond in the rough to a priceless diamond.



 Ian and his techniques work and the way Oakley responded to Ian was amazing.  If you are looking for a trainer that produces results, In Command Dog Training is your best bet!



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