Board and Train

          If you lead a busy life, lack the time or patience to train your dog, have a dog with aggressive behaviors, and/or you have a good dog and you want a great dog then the Resident Board and Train program is the perfect option for you.

It is the most comprehensive, all-in-one, intensive training!  We will assess your pup and determine what drives them the most and then through a combination of Positive Reinforcement and Operant Conditioning, we will guarantee full comprehension and performance of all of the essential obedience commands.  Essential commands consist of:  sit, stay, down, look, off, leave it, come, heel, etc.  Programs lasting more than 1 week also include a solid foundation of Off Leash Control and even further mastery of the essential commands! 

          Our standard programs are 1 to 3 weeks long, although we can create custom time lengths as well. This program is great for owners who still want to participate in the training of their puppy but also want the bulk of the work to be handled professionally, or simply for those owners with hectic careers that do not grant them the appropriate time to hand all of the training themselves or in a group.  Training courses, such as private lessons and group classes, leave a bulk of the work on the shoulders of the owner. Our Board And Train program takes away that burden and also promises exquisite results to have you and your dog listening, behaving, and looking sharp on your walks and outings!


Our In-Home Board and Train program teaches your dog in real-world situations with other dogs inside and outside the home.  That means:

  • No long stays in a kennel environment

  • Home structure taught (can be molded to resemble the routine you have in your home)

  • All care is handled by the trainer 100% of the time

  • Frequent updates with pictures and videos of your dog learning, playing, and just being a dog!

          During your dog’s boarding stay with us, he/she will receive daily training by our 20+ year experienced dog trainer in order to teach a strong obedience training foundation and work through his/her behavior problems. Our fun and engaging training exercises will give your dog royal etiquette, confidence, and self control in no time!

          Board and Train programs are a “do it for you” training approach where your dog is provided one-on-one training each day in a focused environment. This approach means less time to be distracted and fall back into bad habits and a faster turnaround time on unwanted behavior. Once complete, all Board and Train programs include 3 one-on-one follow up training sessions to turn over “the keys” to communication and teach you how to get the results you need.

          Our Board and Train customers come from all over the state of Pennsylvania as well as other states such as New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. 

Puppy to Pro Board and Train

As you know, raising a puppy and training them is a whole lot of work that can last beyond a year and stretch into 2 years!  This one of a kind program will help immensely with raising your pup by giving them a total of 5 weeks of training from our Professional dog trainer at some of the most pivotal times throughout their first year of growth and maturing.  Some owners are interested in hiring a trainer to handle all of the important training but fear missing out on memorable landmarks, which makes this such a perfect option for them to get the best of both worlds, as it is broken up into 3 different periods of time.

  • The initial week of basic obedience/puppy rearing/socialization are for puppies between the ages of 13 weeks and 4 months.

  • They would then return for a 2 week in depth training camp between the ages of 6 and 8 months old to perfect the obedience they learned as young puppies.

  • Finally, they will return for 2 weeks during the ages of 10 months through 12 months. This will focus strictly on Off Leash Control Training.

Our Puppy to Pro option allows you to take advantage of the quality training given by a Professional trainer and still take on a large role in the training and adorable puppy moments throughout the process! 

Price: $8,000

Elite Board and Train

This is our program that takes care of everything you could possibly want. If you want to see your dog become the most well trained dog they can be, then this program is for you! Our Elite training program completely grooms a puppy into an entirely trained adult dog while you continue your everyday life without having to worry about any of the necessary effort in training a puppy. You are guaranteed to have a dog returned to you that has completely mastered all commands, is completely house broken, has been taught all of the proper in-home behaviors to the owner’s desire, has been given countless hours of socialization time with humans and other animals, and has 100% Off Leash control. This program delivers all of the desired qualities in a dog trained at the highest level and requires minimal physical input. This program typically lasts until the dog is 9 Months to 1 year old but can last longer, depending on specific requests from the owner. During their time in the program, they can also receive initial training in activities such as Agility and Dock Diving. This program is the ultimate investment in seeing your dog reach their maximum potential and will also help create an immensely strong bond between you and your loyal dog!

Price: $15,000


Rehabilitation Board and Train

Rehabilitation Board and Train is designed to provide behavior based training to successfully eliminate unwanted, aggressive, and/or unsocialized behaviors and to provide them with the necessary tools to maintain good behavior moving forward. Typical behaviors that this program would benefit from the program include but are not limited to: Food Aggression, Rawhide Aggression, Toy Aggression, On Leash Aggression, Dog Aggression, Cat Aggression, Fear Aggression, etc. A formal assessment of the dog will need to be performed then a rehabilitation plan would be created to match that individual dog before the length of stay and final price would be declared. All rehabilitation plans come with complete transparency and would be discussed in depth with the owner before the beginning of the camp.

Price: Please call to discuss Rehab. Board and Train Prices

7 Day Board and Train

This intensive seven day Board and Train program that is designed to give a great foundation for complete obedience training at the highest level. All obedience commands will be worked on as well as socialization with humans and other animals. This program is also a great option for dog parents who have been through any of our group and/or private training programs but are in need of a quality “tune up.”

Price: $1,250 for 7 Day Board and Train

2-3 Week Board and Train

This 2 or 3 week intensive training program is designed to fully teach your dog all of the basic commands as well as giving a great foundation for Off Leash Control. The 3 week program provides further progress towards complete Off Leash control.


$2500 for 2 Week Board and Train

$3250 for 3 Week Board and Train